Friday, November 9, 2012

The BIG 6 month shoot!!

Ahhh, one of my darling "1st Year Clients"....and he is 6 months old and cute as ever! I love how we incorporated so much Fall into our shoot with hay bales, pumpkins and lots of Fall colors.

I love watching these little ones grow and change so much over the first year! Just an awesome part of my job :) This little cuties personality has just exploded...we had to work a bit for the smiles but he was so darling when he did give them up. 

Enjoy some total cuteness.....

I can't wait until next time! LOVED what we got of your little
cute pumpkin and WOW to those blue eyes :)
See you at 9 months! Oh  my!!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

That's definitely my favorite 6 month shoot of yours to date. I can't even describe how adorable that is!!!