Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breezy Beautiful Family

Talk about easy breezy...haha! Such a silly pun :) This super sweet and super cute family who I LOVE seeing every year happened to have a VERY windy day for pictures. I honestly am happy that in most pictures you can't tell how windy it was, because it was whipping pretty good. But it didn't keep us down, we had a great time! And I got some of my favorite images of them yet :) And I think their little one is my friend now. Yeah! She has been shy the past few years and I got the most amazing smiles out of her this happy!


These kids are all so photogenic and just so easy to work with, I am one lucky Photog :)

Thank you guys so much for always finding time for me in the Fall :) It is
a highlight of the season for me :)

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