Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BE-autiful Family!!

Oh how I adore this family! Our lives are intertwined in so many ways. The fabulous Dad of this crew Coaches my youngest daughters soccer team (and my hubby is his Assistant Coach). Their darling youngest daughter is my Riley's BFF and their little friendship is the cutest thing to watch. We serve on PTO committees together, car pool...the list goes on and on. And I am SOOOO lucky that I also get to take their pictures year after year. Every year I think it is my favorite, and then the next year comes along and I fall in love with what I captured of them even more. How can I not, they are a gorgeous family!

They are so much fun to work with, a kind and caring family....and their little guy....oh, I really want him to come live with us for awhile. We need a darling blond haired brown eyed boy around my house. :)

Take a look at some of my favorites, it is a huge post because I had a really hard time choosing!

Thank you guys for asking me to do this for you
year after year! I look so forward to it each time.
And thank you for your friendship!
Your a wonderful family!

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missouri_mommy said...

I have tears in my eyes after looking at these pictures! You do such wonderful work Lisa. I can't thank you enough for spending the time we needed to get these precious pictures. We will treasure these pictures always. You're the best! Holly