Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lauren - Class of 2012

Ok, get ready for lots of "gushing" about how amazing beautiful Miss Lauren is...and her equally beautiful mom Sharon. Lauren came to me through my favorite client Andrea (thanks girl!!). I was really looking forward to this session because Lauren is an Artist, and you know...I love Art in all forms :) I loved that we were going to incorporate some of her work into her session. I loved chatting with her mom Sharon leading up to the session, by far one of the nicest clients I have ever worked with. I just knew the day was going to be great. And it was! Boy was it windy, like really REALLY windy...but we made it work and Lauren was a natural in front of the camera.

I really enjoyed my time on Main Street St. Charles with these ladies and was a bit sad when the session ended because I was enjoying their company so much. I almost suggested going for a cup of coffee...or some shoe shopping ;)

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Lauren and Sharon for being so incredibly patient waiting for their pictures. I took these back in October, but Sharon knew how seriously crazy my Fall was and since Lauren is not graduating until the Spring...she said these magical words "Take your time with editing". It was like the clouds parted and the angel's sang...a little over the top with my description, but it was seriously such a blessing. And the best part was saving the editing to my slower season when I could really spend a lot of quality time processing these images. Thank you ladies! You are beyond AWESOME!

Here is the stunning Lauren....enjoy :)

I had to take one of just this fabulous piece of art....I love everything about it...but especially the colors. It looks like an expensive gallery piece to me. So much talent in this young lady!

It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to capture you
during this awesome and special time in your life. I feel like these pictures are so "you"... :)
I know you will go far, and never stop creating...you so very talented!
Best of luck in College.

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