Thursday, June 14, 2012

Darling Blue Eyed Boy :)

Let's continue my streak of adorable families of 3. I knew it was going to be a great session when I saw this family climb out of their car. Super cute....and their little guy....OH MY!! He gave me the biggest grin and my heart melted. Seriously, he is so precious....the biggest blue eyes and a darling little grin.

We had a great time exploring the park, I enjoyed me time with them so much.

Here is a peek at some of my favorites...

Ahhh....see what I mean?!?! Adorable!

This one completely cracks me up! I love how his hair is standing on end...but what is even better is that big grin on his face :)

It was so great to meet you guys! I love working with new families and yours
was so wonderful! I hope to see you guys again *lots* in the future :)
Enjoy your summer with that blue eyed cutie of yours!

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Kelly said...

Oh those blue eyes, they leave me speechless! Another adorable family of three, and another fantastic job of capturing how beautiful they are!!!