Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perfect Little Family of Three

One of my very favorite things about this profession is getting to see families again and again. It is so fun to watch the kids grow up and this adorable little guy is getting so big! He has the best little personality and is such a joy to follow around with my camera :)

His mom and dad are pretty awesome too! And they are so photogenic...seriously this family can't take a bad picture!

He might be "too cool" for big kisses now :) Nah, your never to big for kisses from mom and dad.

Some of the prettiest green eyes ever!

A favorite!

We had such beautiful light for our shoot. Beautiful light makes me happy :)

Crack me up!! Another favorite.

He is so silly, show me your big guns! Quite the muscles...haha!

Thank you "W" family!
It is always so much fun to spend time with you and capture some
great pictures at the same time! I can't wait until the next time.
Enjoy your remainder of 2012 and have fun playing 
basketball E :)

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