Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Fun!

What a great shoot! This family came to me from my yearly session donation to The Goddard School in South County. I was so excited to meet a new family, and how lucky am I! They are as cute as can be!
The kids are just darling and very energetic :) They are at the age where they would rather run and play than sit still for pictures (who can blame them).
But I have to say, I am completely crazy about what we got that day!! Love these "REAL" life many favorites.
Here are just a few.....

The image above and below...LOVE!

Hug your brother, strangle hold.....all the same thing, right ;)

Look at their eyes, so very different but both sooo pretty. I think they are mini clones of their parents.

It was so great to meet you guys!!
I had a lot of fun capturing this crazy, busy, super fun time
in your lives.
Happy Fall!!

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