Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Charlotte and her Adoring Family

A sweet baby girl is born into an awesome family, I am so happy for them with their girl duo :) I was happy to meet up with the whole family plus aunt, uncle and cousin for some family fun! I have been so excited to share these photos, I just LOVE what we were able to capture. Three beautiful little girly girls who were a joy to photograph.

How cute are these girlies!!

One of my favorite images EVER.

Doing the "superman" :)

I just adore this little beauty, she is getting sooo big on me. She is one of my favorite little gals to photograph.

Sweet sweet baby girl, she is so loved by her mommy, daddy and big sis!

I had such a wonderful evening with you guys. Thank you for
trusting me with all the important moments in your life. You 
guys are always so wonderful to work with!! I am so  happy
for you and your new little bundle of cuteness.


Anonymous said...

Omg Lisa, these are amazing!!! What a great little group we make!! Ahhh, so excited! Thank you soooo much :)
--Ashleigh and Sean

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!