Friday, April 13, 2012

Six's my VERY favorite!

It has been such a wonderful honor to watch my "first year" babies grow and change. I love experiencing so many "firsts" right along with their mommy and daddy. I love it so very much. This family has been so incredible to work with....after every single shoot, I drive away thanking my lucky stars that they choose me for this beautiful job. I knew this little princess was going to be as cute as can be at 6 months, and boy was I right. Oh how I LOVE the 6 month mark. It is my very favorite, they are discovering new things daily, LOVE their mommies and daddies and are just so happy. I tell you this family can not take a bad picture, some seriously photogenic people. I enjoyed every moment with them on this beautiful Spring morning.

She sure can rock the "faux" hawk :) Love it!

Somebody loves their thumb. I love capturing these little moments where they find things that are in their comfort zone. Like their thumbs......and their.......

FEET! She recently discovered her toes and feet and loves playing with them. I just had to get a shot of that, even if we gave her a little "help" :)

Cherry Blossom trees, my very favorite.....thanks for making an appearance early Spring.

Ending with my favorite, I called my husband over to my computer when I edited this. I told him he had to come see my very favorite picture I have ever taken...ever. I am so in love with it. If I ever get my act together and re-model my office....this is getting printed big and hung on the wall with pride.

Oh how I can't wait until 9 months! I can't wait to
see you guys and see how wonderful 9 months looks on
your little sweetie! You guys are the best.
See you soon!!

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