Monday, April 9, 2012

First Family :)

When I posted a preview of this beautiful family on Facebook, I mentioned that they were one of my very first clients. They came to me in the late Fall of 2008, Jennifer was pregnant....I remember being so nervous but yet excited. After their shoot I was hooked...I LOVED what I got of them that day and those photos are still some of my favorite. Now here they are about 3 1/2 years later. I adore them, I adore that they have stuck with me from the beginning....that they send me their friends and family. They are just great people! And they have one of the most beautiful little boys!

I love this, I love how their expressions are exactly the same. I have always thought he looked like his Momma....but he is the exact clone of his Dad here :)

Awesome, awesome morning with you guys!
These are some of my all time favorite of you are such
a beautiful family! Thank you for your continued business :)
Happy Birthday Hudson!

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Kelly said...

Very well done Lisa!! The one with the lilac bushes on both sides of them is my Favorite, what an amazing shot. They have to be loving these!!!