Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Magic

I am going to be honest, I get SUPER nervous when I meet new families. I have been "shooting" most of my clients for years and sometimes I have a hard time squeezing in new clients. When I do take them I spend the entire drive with crazy thoughts running through my mind..."what if they don't like me"..."what if they didn't spend anytime looking at my work to get a sense of what my style is" "what if we don't click" "what if the kids going running away in fear". Lol! I can be kind of a freak. :)
Now that brings me to this gorgeous family. I was nervous, but within the first few minutes that all faded away. They can walking up in their ADORABLE outfits and big smiles. The kids are so sweet and genuinely love each other. They are a relaxed easy family to be around. Mom, Holly, has a love for Photography and I think she just "gets me" plus had some fabulous ideas of her own. I gave her a huge hug at the end of the shoot because I liked her that much.
So enough of my rambling, here is a peek at a simply magical shoot with a magical family.........

I am so happy to  have met you and thank you
so much for being your fabulous selves!!
Happy Spring!!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Love your style.