Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love of a Family

Photographing families with older kids is a totally different dynamic, and it is nice for a change of pace :) But there is still the teasing and typical "sibling stuff" no matter the age :) These guys were isn't a secret that most teenage boys really don't dig having their pictures taken. I think they did pretty good :)

Enjoy this lovely family on a beautiful night in Forest Park....

Love these!!!

Ahhhh, is totally about knocking the other one over or causing some kind of injury. Isn't that what brotherhood is all about :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this, every mom and dad should have a photo of just them. This is one of my all time favorites.

It was wonderful to spend a beautiful June evening with
you guys. It was great to see you again.
Hoping the rest of your summer is wonderful.

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