Thursday, July 5, 2012

9 Months - Beautiful Miss "D"

I tell you, I just adore this family more and more each time I work with them. They are so in love with their little is so sweet to watch them as a family. Little Miss "D" is nine months...and it has been a complete honor to capture all of her major milestones this first year. I am just sad that my days of seeing them every 3 months are coming to an end soon :(

We beat the heat with a beautiful morning shoot in my favorite St. Louis neighborhood....Lafayette Square. In my dream life that is where I would reside :)  They also love this it was a perfect fit.

Take a look at some of my favorites of this beautiful family......

I remember at her 3 month shoot chatting with her mommy about eye color and wondering if her eyes would stay blue. I certainly think the answer is yes :) She has the prettiest blue eyes......

I just love these next set of pictures in the polka dot dress. A little back story this dress was Kari's when she was little and she also wore it at 9 months. I think it is awesome that her mom saved it for her. They wanted to re-create a photo of her in it with her Dad holding her, this picture is very dear to their heart. I was completely honored to do this for them. And I think Brad did a wonderful job getting the pose pretty much spot on. You will see it below.

Oh my, this dress photographs beautifully!! I think is has a little extra special magic :)

Oh this cracks me up, I have a couple pictures from that day of her little tongue sticking out. So cute!!

I love love love this family shot below, don't know why....I just do :)

You guys are seriously dream clients. Thank you for being so wonderful
to work with. I can't wait until the big ONE year shoot....even though it
is going to be very bittersweet for me.
Enjoy your summer and see you in the Fall.

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Anonymous said...

This shoot is fantastic on so many levels.