Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "E" Family

It had been a few years since I have had this beautiful family in front of my camera....so I was super excited. The last time it was just the 2 kiddos, this time the whole family..love!

They were so easy to photograph, 2 awesome easy kids and equally awesome parents. Of course it was like hanging with old friends, mom Mary is the sister to my hubby's best friend. So I have known this crew a long time and added to my comfort and love of this shoot. It was hot has heck, but you would never know by looking at these guys.

Starting off with my favorite family picture of the night, the light on this bridge was perfect.

The beautiful couple who created this cute family :)


This girl...geez, I could of photographed her all night long. Such a beauty....and so easy to direct. I think I see a modeling career in her future :)

Boys don't usually come this sweet.....at this age I am usually begging for one more smile. He was happy to be in front of my camera.

Thank you guys for sweating it out with me.
I LOVE what we got of your awesome family. I can't
wait to see these hanging on your walls :)
Happy Summer!

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