Thursday, May 31, 2012

9 Months of Sweetness & Smiles

Oh how this little cutie just melts my heart. She is SUCH a happy baby, always always smiling. I loved that this time around it was just her and her big sister. It was a lot of fun to shoot just the girls :)

It was so fun to watch her, she is crawling and on the go. Plus she has lots of new teeth and just started to learn to clap. So I got lots of cheers from her as I was snapping away :)

Sisters, such an awesome relationship. These girls will be the best of the buds as they grow. Even when your older sister squeezes your face when she gives you a smooch :)

The spunky big sis......she cracks me up. She was working it for the camera and of course had to throw in a silly face, because that is what little girls do :)

Showing off her clapping skills......

I so love my time with this family and I am sad that it is quickly
coming to an end. The big ONE year shoot is next. I can't wait!!
See you guys in a few months!!

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Kelly said...

I recognize those two adorable little dolls, and I think they are becoming for adorable with age. Great job showcasing how beautiful they continue to become!