Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clara's 1 Year Shoot

My darling, beautiful, precious little niece is turning one in just a few short weeks (where does time go....seriously, where??). So we did her 1 year shoot at my house on a cold day. It was a family affair, with her big sister and cousins holding up make shift back drops. Her Daddy walking out of the room every 5 minutes because he can't stand to see her sitting in a chair because he is afraid she is going to fall (he is a bit paranoid....but it is sweet). But her Mommy worked her butt off, I was feeling like total crud and just really didn't have the energy to move chairs, stools, re-position Clara every 5 minutes. So her Mommy got to do all of that :) Love working with family...lol!

I LOVE what we got....but how can they not be beautiful photos, I mean look at this subject :)

So big!!!

Ok, I know poor Jess is probably so sick of hearing that her baby looks like her Daddy (my little brother) all the time. But this picture below literally gave me chills when I opened it. She is my brothers clone....I need to find a picture of him at her age and post them both. It is unbelievable!!

That is right baby girl, it's your birthday!!

I loved this cake! Jess and I had a vision in mind and Jess' good friend Kelly (owner of Kelly's Cakes and Cupcakes) totally rocked it out! That paired with my Grandma's vintage cake stand. Perfection!

Clara was so dainty about how she ate her cake. She never really "dug in". She would just grab a tiny pinch and eat it. She wasn't really diggin' having the icing on her fingers :) It will be interesting to see what she does at her birthday party.

Love you soooo much Clara Boo!! I can't believe your almost one....your first year flew by!
I love watching your darling personality come shining through. Your going to keep your
Mommy & Daddy on their toes :)
Aunt Lisa

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