Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Sweetness to End the Year

I was a lucky girl, I got to spend my last afternoon of 2011 photographing this new beauty! She was about 3 weeks old when I met her and just the cutest thing. And oh my, such a good baby!

I love watching new parents, especially first time parents with their babies. The love just oozes out of them :)

From a couple to a it!

She had an extra special visitor that I was glad I was able to meet too. Her Grandfather was visiting her from England. Here she is holding his finger....I am in awe of the size difference. LOVE this one.

A little tribute to her Daddy :) Her mommy's co-workers gave her some of the neatest gifts. Including the outfit above with matching doll.

The most perfect feet, this is one of my favorite newborn feet shots. She could be a foot model :)

Thank you all for opening your home to me and asking me to capture
such a special time in your lives. Your a blessed family! Enjoy this first
year, it is so magical and goes by sooo fast.
Best Wishes,

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Kelly said...

Oh, the hats and headbands! LOVED this accessorized shoot. She looks like a tiny little angel. Wonderful job with the inside lighting, as usual!