Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Months of Sweetness

Love Love Love my 1st year clients. I love babies, and what an awesome job to get to document the big milestone's of sweet little ones first years. I get pretty attached to my 1st year babies...and this little sweetie is no exception. She was a complete angel at her newborn shoot....and at 3 months, yep...pretty darn perfect. 3 months for me is the hardest age to shoot, they usually don't do much at this age and smiles are sometimes hard to come by. Well, this sweetie proved me way wrong....smiles....tummy time...exploring her hands, she was a treat to "shoot".

She was pretty sleepy when she first arrived, and took a little snooze in my basket. LOVE this outfit, I ooohhhed and aahhhed over it quite a bit.

Mommy & Daddy trying to coax her awake. This is the easiest family to get those "real life moments of" they photograph so beautifully together.

Yep, she is awake and happy as can be! See what I mean, a complete dream boat of a baby.

I am so glad I was able to get a good shot of her eyelashes. Holy Moly, they are sooo long. Lucky girl :) Usually it is the boys with the long eyelashes.

I LOVE these next set of pictures. She was all about putting her hands in her mouth...but I LOVE it. It warms my heart. Having experienced all the little things they do that don't last long...I know this is an exciting new discovery for her and it will be one that is short lived. So fun to capture how much she enjoys those hands :)

I did zero touch up to her eyes...just some amazingly reflective beautiful blues!

A baby in a Christmas stocking...what's not to love :)

What a great shoot! Thank you guys again for asking me to
be part of your 1st year as a family. It is an absolute pleasure!! I can
not wait until 6 months :)
See you soon!

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Kelly said...

OMG, that was positively delightful! Way to rock the challenging 3 month shoot Lisa!!! Another testament to your amazing talent. These were absolutely gorgeous, adorable, darling, beautiful, and a bunch of other awesome adjectives! Such dreamy light too. You are a Photog Goddess :)