Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 Months of Total Tiger Cuteness!!

The changes that happen from a newborn to a 3 month old are truly amazing! This little guy has filled out to the perfectly perfect size, is so smiley and happy! I always love watching my "one year" babies grow and change over that first year. But it is even more special when it is your friends baby. I already know I am going to get extra attached to this little pumpkin ;)

Ok, how cute is this Mizzou Tigers outfit!! I posted this on Facebook and it go more likes than probably any photo I have ever posted :) But he is so darn cute in anything he wears...take a look....

The spitting image of his Daddy  :)

He is soooo adored and loved by his parents. Look at those eyes, so precious!

He was cracking me up with that tongue! So much personality!

Oh, I can't wait until our next shoot! Six months is such a fun
age and I know you are going to be so much fun!!
Sarah, give him a hug for me :)
See you in a few months!

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