Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 Months of Sweetness....

I LOVE 9 months, it is such a fun age. They are coming to the end of their "baby-hood" and their personalities have exploded. I can't believe this little angel is 9 months, I swear the time flies so fast for me with my one year clients. I feel like I am the mommy thinking "slow down time", because I know soon I won't get to see them every 3 months.

This little gal is soooo happy....and active. We were chasing her around and I think her mommy needed a nap by the time she got home. Dad was there too...helping me get those awesome smiles.

I LOVE this one of the girls....pretty in pink :)

She melts my heart. And her cousin is the adorable little guy in the one year shoot below this. How can two super adorable babies be in the same family. Good genes :)


Super Duper.....


I love that she got to play with some pearls :) My sweet little niece loves her necklaces....and this reminded me of her. I think it is the fun of putting them on and off and shaking them around.

Oh my, my favorite of the day. These two girls are so lucky to have each other. I "heart" sisters!
And Daddy pointed out the perfect spot for this one....good eye Dad!

You know I can't wait until the big One Year!! But it is certainly bittersweet
for me. I might have to find excuses to drop by your neck of the woods
to see two of my favorite sister clients :)
See you guys in the Spring!!

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