Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 Months of Sweetness

I had the pleasure of taking this families pictures this past Fall. So I was super happy to hear from the mom of these little cuties. She wanted to see if she could do my "One Year" package, we missed out on newborn and 3 months....but I am thrilled to be able to capture this little sweeties other milestones of her first year.

We of course had to get some with her big brother and sister....they are CRAZY about her. It is so cute how much they love her and I know they will be looking out for her as she grows.

They are such GORGEOUS children, and so much fun. I loved every second of this shoot.

Talk about a happy baby, she was full of smiles the whole time. I sure do luck out with the sweetest babies that have the best dispositions. :)

This one just melts my heart.....probably my favorite of the whole day. I wish I had something similar to this of each of my girls.

Some love from mommy....had to drag mommy into a few pictures. She looked too pretty to leave out :)

I had such a great time with you all. I am so excited
you asked me to do this and I can not wait until
the 9 month mark!
See you in the Spring :)

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Kelly said...

That was awesome to go through. What beautiful kiddos, and she is just darling. My favorite was definitely the thumb sucking image. It should be entered in some "adorable baby" contest. Great work, once again!!!