Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cutest little Gals!

Another beautiful new family! The biggest compliment my wonderful clients give me is sending me new fantastic families! I have the BEST clients out there! love!
This family is gorgeous, the little girls are soooo adorable and sweet. I will say though, I left there missing my girls being little. It goes soooo fast and the days of having littles is so much fun.
We had a beautiful sunny day, editing these made me even more made at Mother Nature for ruining my weekends way too much lately with rain! Bring on the sun!
In the meantime, here is a little treat of a beautiful Spring session.....

Such a pretty girl, I couldn't decide if I like this better in color or black and I posted both :)

Yummmm cake! Look at her in her little princess crown and tu-tu....soooo cute!!!

It was so very great to meet your beautiful family! I had a wonderful
time working with you all! I hope to see you again soon :)
Happy 1st Birthday sweetie!

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