Friday, March 16, 2012

Pattonville High School - Class of 2012

My streak of awesome Senior boys continues :) I really enjoyed my time with this young man and his mom. We had a little "tour of St. Louis" not necessarily by choice *wink wink*. Sometimes things come up and your left scrambling for a new location....they were total troopers and we pushed on. I LOVE what we got of Akeem....he has a wonderful sense of style and such a "cool" way about him. Cool in a good way ;)


I know your future is very bright and many great
things are ahead for you. It was a pleasure to meet you
and I truly enjoyed spending a few hours with you and
your mom. Best of Luck!!


Kelly said...

Wow, that reminded me of a GQ spread!!! Great job on these Lisa, he must be so happy with these. Loved the poses and outfits - awesomely done!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I love them!!! I could not be any happier than the photos you took of him. You are amazing!!!